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Week 30 of 30
Date: 5/3/2024


Adrianne Anastasi9112More Info

Andrew Willey3111More Info

Bill Jenkins9127More Info

Bobby. Glass2175More Info

Claudia Gillespie1593More Info

Dan Holloman3128More Info

David Hagberg9133More Info

David McGoldrick1186More Info

Donna Franklin1595More Info

Donna Reed391More Info

Dummy0----More Info

Ernie Richardson9109More Info

Frank Lopez1281More Info

Gianni399More Info

Ian McNutt6104More Info

JD Davis15138More Info

Jamie S3100More Info

Jared Maier6107More Info

Jeremy Anderson9101More Info

Joe Muise9124More Info

Marc Anastasi6139More Info

Mary Sloan3126More Info

Mike C ( Moose)12104More Info

Mike Spisak36123More Info

Mitch Acker9105More Info

Patrick Boyd33117More Info

Patrick Davis6118More Info

Rick Riley9110More Info

Robert Perry (RAP)3122More Info

Robert Perry JR3127More Info

Ryan Loundon6115More Info

Shae Myles1582More Info

Shawn3134More Info

Shawn Dodson3131More Info

Steve Slough6115More Info

Wayne Matheson9135More Info

kevin391More Info