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"Automatic Evelyn" is an easy-to-use bowling league secretarial system. It has been around and in constant use since the early to mid-1980s, where versions of the program existed on the old DOS-based home computers, as well as the under the 'GEM-based' (Windows forerunner) Atari computers.

Automatic Evelyn is flexible and powerful. And because "Evelyn" is now available publicly via the Internet, the system is open to all parts of the globe, enabling state-of-the-art features that are geared towards the web. Most notably, leagues can have their own websites--and league secretaries need not have any 'webmaster' type of experience whatsoever, to post their league results to the web.

Along with its ease of use, Automatic Evelyn is "Instant". Once scores are entered for a week, posting the results to the league's web space is a breeze and is done in a flash. In most cases, websites can be updated within an hour of when the user sits down to input the weekly scores.

Comparatively speaking, Automatic Evelyn is inexpensive. In regard to winter leagues, the cost to use the system is about 70 cents per week, which includes the software and web space for your league. To begin using the system, you need only to proceed to the League Sign-In and create a username and password for your league. You'll then be guided through a few 'league set-up' screens, where you'll enter the specific rules and criteria for your league, enabling "Evelyn" to understand how to process your weekly inputs accurately.

As with any software, there are certain rules you must follow to prevent problems in the future. However, Automatic Evelyn's learning curve is not difficult, especially when you've read up on a few basic points. Two points that must be followed are:

  1. Javascript must be enabled on your computer. To determine if Javascript is enabled on your machine, click the 'Is Javascript Enabled?' button below. If the answer "Yes" appears in the textbox to the right of the button, then Javascript is "on", and you're good to go. If no answer appears in the textbox, you'll need to adjust your browser settings.


  2. Try not to use your browser's BACK button when using Automatic Evelyn. Use the navigation links provided for you, unless your web browser is having difficulty handling Automatic Evelyn's internal navigation.

To learn more about Automatic Evelyn to find out what it can do, and if your league falls within its range of functionality, visit the About "Evelyn" page.

Thank you for considering Automatic Evelyn and good luck. Click here to get started.