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Automatic Evelyn has Arrived!

Since 1983, Automatic Evelyn has been playing a vital role in some of the most prominent bowling leagues in the Washington Metropolitan area, and now the application has opened itself to bowlers across the world.  The Automatic Evelyn system is an online bowling  league secretarial program that allows your league to be immediately sent to the world wide web, and the best part of all is that you don’t need any webmaster experience whatsoever to make it happen.  All you have to do is enter your league’s weekly scores into the easy-to-operate online system, and “Evelyn” does the rest for you!  You don’t even need to purchase any web space on the Internet for your league!


Line Graphs

Bowlers can track their progress throughout the course of the year with informative graphs.

Pie Charts

Breakdowns of games are not a problem for Automatic Evelyn, as shown in the above pie chart.


Weekly Hardcopy Sheets

Automatic Evelyn even creates weekly hardcopy sheets for your league, including the individual rosters and team won/lost standings pages, as well as a separate “sub list”.  Your bowlers need not wait for the following week to get their printouts–they can print their own copy, saving the secretary the added expense of providing sheets for all league members.


To learn more about Automatic Evelyn, visit the website by clicking here

A Sample of Evelyn’s Work

When your weekly scores are inputted, in a matter of moments, Automatic Evelyn creates and updates your league’s website.

A full set of navigation links are provided for your bowlers to easily view the various league statistics. Bowlers can also click on their own personal records to bring up more detailed stats and visual aids about their games in the form of charts and graphs.  To make it even more convenient for your league members, Automatic Evelyn creates a separate, easily accessible mobile website for the growing population of smartphone users.

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