In the summer of 2009, the North American Bowling News was created to fill the void for the quarterly publication, The Duckpin News, which migrated to an online presence only, leaving the “small ball” world of the duckpin game without a hardcopy source for bowling news. With so much going on in the bowling world on so many parts of the planet, it only seemed appropriate that other variations of the sport of bowling be recognized and publicized in a new publication, as most bowlers are fascinated with the game of bowling itself, and are open to more than just one version of the sport.

The North American Bowling News received a big assist from the Professional Bowlers Association in the supply of press releases and high quality photos, and also in arranging initial interviews with stars, including Pete Weber, Liz Johnson, and Parker Bohn III.

But special thanks is extended to Walter Ray Williams, Jr., as it was his prompt response to this editor’s initial communication and some very helpful direction to courteous PBA staff members, Janay Leddy, Jerry Schneider, and Bill Vint, that got the ball rolling for the publication.

The NABN acquired some valuable international resources, too, from England, including Masters Games Ltd, which provided an amazingly rapid 24-hour turnaround time on authentic skittles pins and some great info on the game, and last but not least, Paul Beedham, who related a very informative account on the game of Kegel. North American Bowling looks forward to the reboot of the publication, hopefully before or during the year 2020. Click on the issues below to view some of the articles featured.